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    Its a beautiful Saturday warm autumn morning here on Delmarva! We look around here at all the wildlife and waterways that surround our little peninsula, a gem on the Chesapeake Bay. It's a peaceful throwback here to a time long gone by elsewhere. Waterman harvest oysters, children play freely, chicken farmers feed the world, and it's a magical place. Our little aquaculture world is nestled amongst this wonderous backdrop. Inside we marvel at the beauty and intricacy of God's creations that are in our loving care.

    If you are ever in the area, take the relaxed drive to this Eastern Shore of Maryland and explore our world here on the Delmarva peninsula. Tiny antique shops and an array of coffee shops and interesting eateries such as Suicide Bridge Restaurant and a bunch of crab houses dot the flat countryside. We're open 11-5 Monday-Thursday and Saturday, closed Sunday and Friday and usual on or around major holidays.

    Come envelop yourself in the good life and surround yourself in God's creations.

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