Ambient Light and it's Effect on Algae (Dino specifically)



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Mar 7, 2021
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Raleigh, NC
I'm wondering how much ambient light people are letting into their tank and their experiences with different types of algae.

Back when I had a severe dino problem, I was running lights slightly too long and left the tank uncovered when the lights were off, they really spread out of control during this time period, regardless of having dirtier water, or if no3 and po4 were bottomed out. After having a LOT of success with a single 3-day blackout, and then subsequently coming back a few weeks later, I decided to try having drastic light changes daily.

For the past few weeks, I have been blacking out the tank whenever the lights go off and it has helped with Dino's a LOT, if I look closely I can see small patches that may(?) be Dino's, but could also be Cyano or some other algae, but the dino has no real effect on the tank anymore. One or two days I did forget to black it out at night, and there were definitely smaller strands of dino in the morning. I didn't think this would have a significant effect on the tank but it definitely did, even though the ambient light is usually very slight, and may just be the light from a TV or the kitchen.

Curious about other people's experiences with ambient light in the reef, thanks.


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Mar 28, 2021
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If your having dino problems you need to check your parameters and adjust accordingly. I have found that blackouts are a waste of time because it will only come back. So without actually using a microscope and seeing what type of dinos or lack of dinos you have your just guessing. Often times If you nutrients get to low you will get dinos. If you have cyano it should look reddish there are products to kill the cyano bacteria. In all my years reefing i have never had dinos

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