An Undulate trigger that only eats pellets?

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Jun 13, 2018
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So I picked up an Undulate Trigger that was traded in to my LFS. Had one years ago before I knew what psychos they are and traded it in also. Always wanted another so I got this guy and gave him his own tank. He ate mysis at the store as he harassed the other fish in the tank to hog all the food. Jump ahead a week and he wont eat anything in his own tank. He picks at clams on half shell and silverside pieces but really doesnt eat them. Tried every other meaty food and he wont touch it. I was thinking previous owner must have fed him live and thats all he wants. I hate feeding live so I have held out. The other day Im feeding the non psycho fish in the other tanks their pellets and just for the hell of it I throw a couple in his tank. Well he goes nuts eating them like crazy. I have been feeding him pellets ever since and he gobbles them down every time. Still wont touch frozen! Who ever heard of a Trigger that only eats pellets? Sorry for the long winded post but I thought I would share this and see if everyone else things this is as weird as I do.
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