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Jun 12, 2016
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Red Sea - 60cm Slide-Out Control Panel

With my aquascape complete and the tank filled it was time to get all of the controllers and wires cleaned up. I am using the large slide out control panel for this setup and overall I am impressed with how easy the installation was. I think they did a good job of making it pretty intuitive and bullet proof. I think the only downside to their design or implementation of it -- they should have had a standoff on the back of the board to allow for mounting on the back of the panel.

I think these companies (especially Red Sea) could better anticipate some of the benefits and maximize the effectiveness of a product. Including some 4" spacers for the board to the drawer slides and pre-drilling holes in the corners and off set center of the board for pass-thru would have basically made this design perfect. Doing so would have allowed for the mount of power bricks and and a little easier cord management!


I refused to be deterred though! And I didn't really feel like busting out the hole saw myself until I actually *need* to create more space for the controller board. I do want to also commend Red Sea on the design to allow for some space both below and above the board with clearance for the floor and ceiling of the cabinet. I was able to maximize space by mounting my Vortech and Vectra controller as well as my Apex a little over both edges. I also flipped my Apex brain upside down to maximize my cord management!

Like I said originally -- this isn't a perfect implementation yet and I have a few things I need to do to better tuck in cables and make the pull out function return in seemlessly as far as re-tucking the end sections after the slide is pulled out and pushed back in - but it is definitely an improvement over the cord nest I had brewing for the initial fill and mixing within the tank!


At this point the tank has been filled and cycling for a month. I'm waiting on a lid to be delivered and then I will hopefully begin to add fish! I need to spend some time on a weekend and re-do some of the wiring that I'm not happy with as far as the controller pull out functionality.

Thanks for reading my update!
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