Any ideas on this Ricordia?


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Jan 28, 2018
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My buddy gave me this Ricordia and some zoanthids that were doing bad in his tank. The zoanthids have opened up and look good. They had been closed for weeks in his little tank. The ricordia has shown no improvement though.

I know water parameters would be helpful but to be honest, I haven't bought any test kits yet (I'm lazy what can I say). My tank is new but was started with ocean rock from KP and Gulf so there was no real cycle. I have 5 or 6 others corals that are all doing great, so I really doubt it's a water quality issue.

The ricordia is bleached, he said it was a deep blue when he got it, not the lime green it is now. It's in medium flow and about 16 inches deep in the water under a 6x24 t5 fixture.

Any ideas on how I can help it? More light? Less light? Less flow? I'm not super knowledgable on ricordias. I plan to just leave it alone unless yall think a change in lighting or flow would help.

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