Apex 2016 with new UK version Energy Bar release date ?

Discussion in 'Neptune Systems' started by SPR1968, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hi Guys

    As the question states I’m just waiting to buy the complete new system, but here in the UK is still sold with the old version.

    My LFS’s are a little vague but indicating later this year, and funnily enough most including online, aren’t keeping any or many of the old ones in stock when they have sold out which indicates to me it’s on its way and they won’t want to get stuck with old stock.

    I can’t bring myself to buy it and then a week/few months later the new ones out so it would be nice if someone from Neptune Systems would give me an answer rather than ‘we have no plans to release it at the moment’ which I got earlier this year and which makes me even more nervous!

    If it’s a year away maybe I’ll buy it now but if not ill just wait. I really want to get the system installed but....
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    i really don't understand why someone from neptune can't give a response to this question...
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