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    Is it possible to use this water level sensor with the FMM? It uses the same voltage and current as the apex optical sensors and the nice thing about it is this would never touch the water. It works by using the capacitance changes in the liquid container. These sensors can be found online for around $4.

    Water Liquid Level Switch Contactless Detector Outer Adhering Type Level Sensor

    technical parameters
    voltage input (InVCC): DC 5 ~ 12 V-DC12 ~ 24V
    power consumption: 200 uA
    output current; 1 ~ 100mA
    Response time: 500 mS
    Operating temperature: 0 ~ 100 degrees
    thick induction (sensitivity) range: 0 ~ 20mm
    humidity: 5% to 100%
    material containers; plastic, glass, ceramics and other containers
    Sensor protection: IP67

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