For sale Apex Jr, Aquatic Life Hybrid, Clearwater ATS

$125.00 to $225.00

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Apex Jr comes with temp probe. No display. Everything works perfectly. I've had the unit for 4 years and the previous owner had it for a year or so. $125 shipped

Aquatic Life hybrid 4*24w plus 2 Kessil brackets. This has all the original brackets plus extras. Original hanging kit as well. Bulbs are older but I'll include them plus a new bulb. I believe it's a Coral Plus as the box states. $175 shipped

CW-50 Algae Scrubber bundle. Comes with ball valve and Sicce pump. Been used for 8-9 months IIRC. Everything is in great shape. I'll try to get some pics up once it's dry and back together. This will be a little more to ship. Asking $225 shipped.

Everything is OBO. Not looking for any trades.
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