Apex lite, two EB8s, ALD, VDM, breakout box, Jebao wave maker co


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Mar 8, 2013
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Chicago IL
Apex lite, two EB8s, ALD, VDM, breakout box, Jebao wave maker co

For sale is my Apex Lite. Included in this sale:
Apex Lite controller
Two Energy Bar 8s, all outlets are 100% functional
Advanced Leak Detector. I will include two sensors but assume both are broken.
Variable Dimming Module (VDM)
Breakout box
Temp probe
Kindle Fire which I used as a screen. It displays Fusion's interface very well.
USB cables to hook it all up, some are 12 feet long so an EB8 can be on the other side of the tank.
Jebao/Jecod Pump to Neptune Systems Apex Controller Linkage Adapter (not pictured). Allow for you to control 2 RW, DC or WP series pumps using the 0-10v output from an aquarium controller. Uses the power supply from the pumps.
$500 shipped in the CONUS.

Price per unit: $500.00
Shipping costs: $0.00
Quantity: 1
Location: Lake in the Hills, IL 60156, USA

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