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May 17, 2011
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San Diego, California
Thank you all, but that was everything. We managed to post almost 1500+ new corals, so hopefully you all managed to get some crazy hauls. It's going to be tons of heavy shipping for the next two weeks, so the team is going to use this weekend to rest up. Happy Halloween everyone, make it spooky, but be sure to stay safe!

P.S. All sold corals will be removed to reduce clutter and we won't be uploading anymore corals for tomorrow

Have you ever torn down a tank over an issue you couldn't seem to beat?

  • Yes! I have. (Tell us about what issue you faced in the thread.)

    Votes: 86 24.6%
  • No. Thankfully, I haven't.

    Votes: 182 52.1%
  • Nope, but it almost happened. (Share your experience in the thread.)

    Votes: 26 7.4%
  • Not yet, but I'm almost there. (Tell us what you're dealing with.)

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  • If you reef long enough, this will eventually happen to you.

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  • Other

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