For sale Aqua top 24 with rock, sand and 16HD prime light

everything needed to get up and running nano tank

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I have upgraded my tank and while it is nice having a nano and a bigger tank I just want to focus on the bigger tank and not have the nano anymore. This tank is the aquatop 24 gallon with stand in black. I has a skimmer, media baskets, return pump, 2 powerheads, and heater. Also willing to let the sand and rock that are currently in the tank go with it as well as maybe the 2 clownfish and one of the anemones but up to the buyer. The tank light is the AI 16HD Prime which is a huge upgrade from the stock light that came with it. The tank is 6 months old and has been running without issue the whole time so it is a cycled and running tank. I am looking for 800 for the whole setup with everything included but would need to be a local buyer that is able to come pick it up.


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