aquaforest makes good on under filled bottles

Discussion in 'Aquaforest' started by mike werner, Apr 15, 2018.

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    I recently posted a thread "aquaforest 10ml.micro e bottles underfilled"i reached out to af and had trouble getting a response from them.noticing my frustration,perry and anirban two of the us reps stepped in.they contacted af and they responded.yesterday I received a 50ml of micro e in the mail.i was not really expecting nor did I ask for one.i just wanted to let af know about the quality control issue.hats off to these two r2r members for the help and af for replacing this awesome doing so af has a customer for life.not just for the replacement but because these products do what they my 15 years as a reefer I have never seen coloration and growth like I have the last 4 months sense I started using component 1-2-3 and micro e.if you have not tried these inexpensive products you may be missing out on something special.THEY WORK AS if ands or buts.
    thank you perry, anirban and aquaforest for all you have done to help me and my reef.

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    Hey Mike,
    I saw your PM, and you are very welcome! As a word of caution, if you are using Comp 123, Micro E is present as heavy metals are in the Comp123 containers. This would be a redundant dose, so careful as increased heavy metals can cause problems. If in question, get an ICP test done, this will give you an idea on heavy metals in the aquarium. Cheers my friend!
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