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Jul 23, 2020
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Hi, I’m switching from a reef to a FOWLR tank. I know a lot of people hate aquarium decorations, but I have small kids and we all like color and whimsy. Can decor host beneficial bacteria if I want to remove some of the live rock? Any recommendations on good brands, materials to get or avoid, or things to be aware of? As it is now my tank is too low on nutrients (thus the issues with coral). I’m already set on switching and got an angel fish yesterday, so it’s game over. If the coral I have makes it great, if it get eaten, that’s fine too. I’m accepting my limits, and it is more, time, money, worry than I want right now in life (2 small kids and I’m starting my own business). I wasn’t enjoying the tank and I’ve always been more of a fish over coral person anyway. Thank on advance for any advice!
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Oct 25, 2007
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Bel Air, MD
Thinking that IF the "decorations" are of a non-porous material there ins't much of a chance for them "hosting" … on the other hand if you are having live rock in the tank … that will be a help!

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