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Aquarium, stand, canopy, dry rock, skimmers, sump, multiple pumps, AI light arms, and more...

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Mar 10, 2022
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Selling the following (can send photos). Prices are not firm. Best offer (and possibly coral/fish trades) will be accepted. Lowered prices recently since I’m looking to free up space at home (this hobby has taken over my home LOL). Local pick up preferred.

- two unopened 20 pound bags of CaribSea Fiji pink live sand $10/bag

- full box of purple rock (dry) (has never been in water) $75 for the entire box

- bubble magnus curve 5 protein skimmer (used for a couple months, works great, clean) $150

- Syncra Sicce Adv 10 pump (used for a week in a tank (240g) that only had water) $250 (paid around $350). Works perfectly & is quiet. I replaced with a different pump because I wanted a “feed” button.

- Tunze coral gum instant (14oz packages). Unopened. Have used it in the past and it works great. I have two packages. Paid $54 each. Selling for $40 each or both packages for $75.

- Fluval Sea protein skimmer (unopened) - for 45g tank. $50

- HMS double arm mounting kit (for AI lights) (unopened) $75

- HMS single arm mounting kit  (for AI lights) (slightly used & in great condition) $50 EACH (I have three)

- Esshops AR-100 sump with refugium - used for a few months (recently upgraded to a larger system). Great condition, no leaks, etc. I also have a bunch of brand new 4” filter socks for it. Asking $250.

- Jebao CP 3000 pump (used a few months). Basically a great & silent pump with the ability to turn it up & down & has a feed/pause button. $75

- Three 44g brute bins with lid $25 each (paid $80 each). Great condition. Used to transport LFS saltwater one time.

- 65g glass pentagon shaped aquarium with solid wood stand/cabinet and custom canopy. Can be used as a freshwater tank with canister filter underneath (in the cabinet) or as a marine tank with HOB overflow and sump underneath in the cabinet. There are some scratches, but not visible once there’s water in the tank. Loved this tank set up very much, but we upgraded to a much larger one, so it’s time for this one to have a new home. I’ll be selling a canister filter (FX7) if interested. Asking $500 obo for the tank, stand, canopy combo.

Please let me know if you would like pictures of anything that doesn’t already have a picture (or if you’d like additional pictures). (310)469-8882. Please text for the quickest response
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