Aquascape in Reefer 200 XL G2


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Nov 28, 2020
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Hi all,

I am looking for some opinions on the aquascape for my Reefer 200 build. I am looking to do a mixed reef.

Currently I have a Biocube 32 with the following setup.

I have been considering moving that over to the new tank and building off of it as I like the cave aspect of this. It is currently not as tall and I would likely break some openings on the side if I could since its basically just an enclosed cave. The issue is its rather dominating in the tank and hard to reach around though that would be less of a issue in the Reefer.

I am also looking at this setup.



I know the marco rock shelf is a bit flat, I was a little disappointed by that but I think once it is covered in coraline and corals it won't be so bad. I did break up a bunch of outer edges to make it smaller so I could stack it on top.

My idea behind this is to give the fish places to feel comfortable, and that cave area at the bottom in the middle might be a good spot for a goby shrimp combo.

So does anyone have opinions or suggestions on what I can do better or does anyone see any red flags? If the photos seem a bit weird in spots ignore that, I used object eraser to remove the stuff I have propping up the rocks so they don't slip out of place when my hands are not near them.
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