ATI light hanging kit not locking

Discussion in 'ATI Aquaristik' started by swnoob, Nov 20, 2017.

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    So today I tried adjusting the overall of my light and as soon I touched it the light almost came crashing down on my tank. I did not push down to top tip like you normally would do when adjusting.

    It is a 9 year old light and I have adjusted it lots of times of the years. Does the locking mechanism wear out over time? I notice it sometimes locks and sometimes doesn't.

    I have noticed there is a light kit available but it doesn't look the same. My powermodule has the wire crimped in place and the kit I have found looks like they have a couple of balls on each end. Does they screw on/off in order to get the wire in place?


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    Hello swnoob!

    It certainly does sound like you need to get it replaced asap to prevent a wet fixtures! It is not too uncommon for the lock to wear out, usually from corrosion from the salt exposure.

    Any ATI Hanging kit will do the job for you, or you may be able to find just the grip lock piece and replace it. You will need to remove the end plate on the fixture and slide the cable out the end, either the hanging kit with balls on the end or the clamp will work fine since you remove the end plate to remove it.

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