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Dec 18, 2019
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Currently I have the tunze nano ATO on my nano tank. Naturally since it’s now in the living room the wife says it’s loud. I agree it is loud and always has been, especially now in comparison to the mini DC Hydros ATO pump.

Question is can I buy a small micro pump (linked below) cut the plug off and run it’s two wires into the Tunze controller and run that as the pump?

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Aug 23, 2021
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Not with that particular pump, which is AC it appears from the amazon listing. I'm pretty sure the pump for the Tunze nano is DC, since the whole rig has a small transformer where you plug it into the wall. That transformer should say on it what the output is in voltage and then either watts or amps. As long as your new pump is DC and matches voltage without exceeding amps or watts very much, it will work. But it won't work with an AC pump. (Remember that watts = amps X voltage)

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