August Meeting and fund raiser


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Mar 13, 2009
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Colorado Springs
[h=2]August Meeting and fund raiser[/h]
I am posting this out now so that we can maximize participation. I am hosing the August meeting on 25th at 4 PM.

One of our members, Joe, has a charity; Home | Angels Of America's Fallen
Angels of America's Fallen. This charity supports children of military and first responders who have passed on. Joe has not taken a pay check from money raised by the charity and works **** hard to get these children into activities and schools they might otherwise not be able to attend.

I will be donating a gold locket with an ocean theme for raffle as well as corals to be raffled. The BoD is going to solicit donations to be raffled as well as Joe is going to try and get some big ticket items to be raffled.

I want to invite all members to attend this meeting. The club is going to supply meat to be cooked on the grill and I ask that everyone bring a dish to pass.

My house is small but I have two decks to hold people as well. If you want to donate anything to the raffle, please contact Tallen or Hooked, or Kmellon.

Hopefully we can get some great items to raffle and support a very worthwhile cause.

Picture of the locket;

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