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Dec 4, 2020
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I do a daily AWC of 1.5g a day for my 75g display tank of mix corals and fish. I have a mixing station in my garage and pump my RO/DI water as well as my salt water to separate water reservoirs located in a closet behind my tank. I keep the stored water in plastic containers (5g RO & 10g salt) inside house to reach room temperature before using it for ATO and ATO, as garage temp. stays at 85-90 deg. year round here in S. Fla. My thought was to use the 10g salt reservoir as a refugium as well as hold salt water. I could easily modify it with grow light to grow Chaetomorpha as I already have a recirculating pump in the reservoir connected to Apex that runs 15 min. every hr. Using the DOS to send 1.5 gal of Saltwater from my refugium to the sump would seem to be beneficial. My Salt reservoir has a float valve to have water pumped from mixing station to keep water at around 9g. Would this be beneficial or am I chasing butterfly's?
Water flow.jpg

Water flow.jpg

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