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Sep 23, 2022
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Found in search engine looking for MochaVinci clowns. First place in a while that had the exact fish I was looking for and shipped gorgeous specimens that looked EXACTLY like the stock image they were advertising. They came in sizes that were larger than the micro sized fish you get from most places. On top of that they don't gouge on shipping either. This will be my new go to for quality fish and great service.

How have you used eggcrate in or around your aquarium?

  • Aquarium lid

    Votes: 87 30.1%
  • Frag rack

    Votes: 145 50.2%
  • Skimmer stand

    Votes: 86 29.8%
  • Sump Divider

    Votes: 60 20.8%
  • Other (please describe in the discussion)

    Votes: 42 14.5%
  • I have not used eggcrate in or around my aquarium

    Votes: 75 26.0%
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