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Mar 22, 2020
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Hello out there!
My name is Bob and live in Maine. I've been on a 15 year hiatus from the saltwater aquarium game. Little did I realize, but the hobby has changed SO much in that time, it seems almost anybody can keep a crystal clear marine aquarium and beautiful corals. I don't really believe that - but the marketing giants behind the saltwater hobby certainly want us to!

My wife and kids surprised me with a 50 gallon tank this past Christmas. She finally picked up on all the hints I've been dropping the past couple years.
Since Xmas, I have been obsessed with the hobby again, spending an enormous amount of time researching all that is a successful reef tank today. Boy, was I naive back when I was in my 20's trying to do this.
I'm am CONVINCED that this time is going to be different.
That patience, research, diligence and more patience will pay off in the long run.

The tank was delivered in late-January and I have been absorbing "reefing" ever since. I can't get enough, and that seems to be a good thing because there is a tremendous amount of information out there. THANK YOU R2R COMMUNITY for letting me peek into your world these past months. The members' posts and pictures have been helpful, inspiring, educational and just awesome. So many great looking tanks out there to look up to.

I'm really excited about this new journey and hope you will take a moment to read into my build thread. Or maybe even follow along.
YurgiReef - FINALLY - My FIRST "Real" Reef Tank!
I plan on having much more to come - I just got up the courage to start posting. But the R2R community has helped me so much, I figured it was only right to start to give back somehow.

Current TANK status: Aquascaping being completed, finalizing return plumbing (UV Sterilizer), RO/DI installation

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