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Bay Area Corals Rehome Bleeding Apple Scoly, Bounce Mushrooms, Button Scoly, More

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Jun 2, 2021
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Bay Area
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Tank Starting to get full, so looking to rehome!
LOCATION: Daly City Local Meet Ups

REFER TO LINK FOR PHOTOS Daly City Corals to Rehome

Unable to ship just because I never did it before and have no idea of the process.

No Pest, (everything dipped w/ RED SEA Dip X Prior to entering tank)
  • $75 Button Scoly: RED w/ YELLOW w/ TEAL (Multi-color)
  • $50 Button Scoly: Green w/ Yellow Stripes
  • $75 Button Scoly: Teal w/ Blue w/ Silver
  • $180 Bleeding Apple Scoly (Orange Rim)
  • $40 Golden Gonzo Mushroom
  • SOLD Australian SPider Sponge
  • SOLD OG Bounce
Please reach out if interested, I have more selection to choose from ($10 to $$$) ex: Hammers, Duncans, Zoas, Gargonian

Possibly Open to trades! All purchase will come with sample size of cultured phyto as a Thank You for Supporting Me.

#reef #kessil #reeftank, #zoas #saltwater #corals #saltwatercorals #ecotech #hydra #scoly #sponge #mushroom #bounce #fishtank
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Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED bar
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Does it matter to you whether your fish are captive-bred or wild caught?

  • I only buy captive bred fish.

    Votes: 66 13.7%
  • It matters, but I will buy either captive-bred or wild-caught.

    Votes: 354 73.3%
  • I think wild-caught fish are the better option.

    Votes: 11 2.3%
  • I don’t care where the fish were bred.

    Votes: 52 10.8%