BBQing Reefers - What's on your grill/smoker?

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Apr 24, 2018
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Way upstate NY
Forced air pellet burners are never oxygen starved so they will burn very clean. They will add a smoke flavor that matches the wood.
Some people have come to enjoy a more acrid smoke flavor that comes from running a slightly oxygen starved fire. This is that campfire smell when a fire is just lit or after it was put out. This used to be considered a sign of a pit master who couldn't manage his fire properly but now some people associate it with good BBQ.
For people who like this style of BBQ, a pellet grill is generally a bad choice. You can get a bit of the flavor with a pellet packed smoke tube placed right on the edge of the grill above the infeed since that is a low airflow area.
I can 100% tell what wood a BBQed piece of meat is smoked on. I think this is the one reason I don't care for the electric smoker. You get that "burnt" wood taste, not the smokey wood flavor.
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Feb 21, 2017
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Nottinghamshire England
So inspire me guys.... how do you cook your steaks on the grill especially ’rump’ which I’m having tonight ?

Just about 1 inch thick


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Dec 6, 2013
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Valencia, california
What is that some kind a meat club thing?
It’s a company that sells quality meet,
Including wagyu/angus cross bred beef and really good pork. It’s worth a try IMO especially if you’re into grilling/smoking. Shipping cost is also reasonable.
I've done their tri-tips and love them! Would be interested to see how you like the brisket. I just did a local Montana "wagyu" brisket. They say 85-90% "wagyu" genetics. I thought the flat was phenomenal but as the point is inherently fatty I think the fatty wagyu made it a little bit unappealing. Curious if you get the same result
I was tempted on the tri tip my self, the brisket however was great, and at 14+ pounds you can go wrong. I did end up trimming off about 2 pounds of Fat! Which was bit much, I saved it,
Figured I could make something down the road with it.
I think I ended up eating about a pound and a half in one sit down lol. It was about a 10 hour cook on my wsm, 1 hour rest. I cut the flat off and grilled it on a propane grill for my family, and smoked the point for my self. The only thing I regret was not adding a little Beef Broth when I wrapped it after the crust set, but It was still fork tender. I also got a 3 pound flank, wagyu ground beef, and franks. It was my first time ordering from them, and I don’t regret it.



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Mar 13, 2018
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I can't believe that folks use FLAVORLESS INCINERATION DEVICES.
IE gas ran ranges.
LoL. Sorry dont want to offend but.....

The flavor is found in lumpwood and a ceramic cooker.
My two fan based requests over and over.
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