Be sure to sign up for "in stock" alerts, I have some corals coming back in stock soon!

Discussion in 'Boom Corals' started by BoomCorals, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Recently on my website I implemented a "notify me" button for out of stock items. Simply enter your email and sign up to be notified of when an item is in stock. If you haven't already go do so now, as within the next week or two I'll be getting some of these items back in stock:

    Quinn's Firecracker
    Boom's Shortcake
    Cornbred's Bubblegum Digi
    ORA Pearlberry
    RR Aussie Gold
    RR Pink Floyd
    Walt Disney
    Tyree Pink Lemonade (I can't keep this one in stock more than a day!)
    WWC Heartbreaker
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