Beach Bum, Gold Hammer and Zoas. Local Pickup Only


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Sep 19, 2017
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I have a few frags for sale trying to thin out the tank a little. Local pick up only in the Cleveland or Akron/Canton Area. I will not ship.

#1 Sunny D's and Gobstoppers. Prices listed on individual Frags
#2 6-7 Head Frogspawn might be more heads now haven't looked for a while. $75
#3 4 headed gold hammer. $195
#4 Beach Bum Monti Frags. $55 ea

Also have a 3 headed purple tip torch if anyone is interested as well

InkedBeach_LI.jpg Inkedfrogspawn_LI.jpg Pricehammer_LI.jpg Zoa Prices.jpg
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