BEAST of an update to go along with a new site!


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Nov 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
The new site is up and is looking better than ever if I do say so myself!

Along with the it comes a BEAST of an update! WWC Hot Stuff in the house! It's been a long while since we've released one of these!

This plus a WWC 500 Degree, Interetellar Shroom, and many others should have you checking out the site on your Sunday morning Gobble them up while you can!

Click HERE to take you to our site or on any image below.

WWC Hot Stuff Chalice

WWC 500 Degree Acropora

Interstellar Shroom

WWC Supa Fly Chalice

WWC Defcon Cyphastrea

WWC French Tickler Acropora

JFOX Dayglo Favites

WWC Brain Freeze Acropora

JFOX Scarlet Fever Stylo

WWC Ding Dang Mille

WWC Christmas Mirabilis

Red Hot Blasto

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