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Beautiful Zoa Packs, Pure WYSIWYG!

Legendary Corals

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Dec 25, 2013
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San Jose/Bay Area, CA
Hello reefers,

It's been awhile since we've made a few packs. With all of the zoas in our systems looking mighty fine, we decided to whip something up! Here's a few different packs for all types of zoa collectors. Packs that are $350 and over include shipping.

Here's a link to view them all: https://www.legendary-corals.com/frag-packs

The Classic Zoa Pack - $129.99

Row 1: Bam Bams, Blue Hornets, Goblins on Fire
Row 2: Scrambled Eggs, Rastas, Blondies
Row 3: My Clementines, Tutti Fruities, Emeralds on Fire

The Vampire Pack - $249.99

Row 1: CC Bloodsuckers, LC Alucards, LC Joe's Vamps
Row 2: LC Petroglyphs, LC Shadow Princes, VW Bloodshots
Row 3: LC Rainbow Vamps, Sonic Flares, LC Vampire Slayers

The Colony Pack - $350 Shipped

Row 1: Raptor's Rainbows, Z's Medusa
Row 2: Gatorades, Tyree Orange Rainbows/ CB Rainbow Infusions
Row 3: WWC Bloodsuckers, Goblins on Fire

The Collector's Pack - $449.99 Shipped

Row 1: RC Alien Antivenoms, VW Darwin Vamps, (NEW) LC Black Panthers
Row 2: RR USA Pink Diamonds, Speckled Krakatoas, (NEW) LC Deadpools
Row 3: LC Rainbow Pixies, Treehouses on Fire, LC Space Haze


Which do you prefer?

  • A few LARGE, not as colorful less expensive, coral colonies filling your tank

    Votes: 91 38.6%
  • A lot of TINY, but very colorful more expensive, frags covering the rock

    Votes: 101 42.8%
  • Other (please explain in thread)

    Votes: 44 18.6%

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