BIg Eel Tank set up

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The Salty Reefer

The Salty Reefer

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Jun 13, 2018
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Sunshine Coast
This tank is awesome. I love how in the early posts, you definitively said "no coals in this tank" but now it's an awesome mixed reef. I've often wondered how something like this would go. Looks fantastic!
yeah it was kinda an after thought, we were not going coral, then a mate was breaking down his tank due to some poor health and we took his fish and he had a bunch of soft coral, so the opportunity fell into our lap, do to the glass lids and to be honest we are using the cheapest lights haha we did not think about corals, but here we are and your right it looks fantastic, when we first put the corals in we were like omg wow :) Glad you like it
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