**BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT**SBB Corals. 1$, 5$ Corals, Prizes, Games, Fresh 250 high end Coral Drop! Best Deals of the year!!!!

SBB Corals

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Jul 10, 2016
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Sunday clearance 35 items remain!
prices have been reduced to clear out there final items as we get ready for our next sale I 2 weeks
message us for a buyout or pack deals
Click link below to see what remains

SBB_Black Friday Blowout 828x300.jpg

SBB Corals Presents Black Friday Blowout!!

Friday 11.26.21 @ 8am EST

VIP access is Wednesday 11.24.21 @4pmEST

We will Drop over 250 WYSWYG High End Corals. ( There will be some $5 and $1 Tenuis, Mushroom, Goni Coral drops)
You can access the corals by clicking link below during the sale!

The way this sale works is we will Drop all 250 WYSIWYG corals to our website on Black Friday 11.26.21 @ 8am Est. The 1st person to check out wins. We will then discount the remaining corals each morning until Cyber Monday 11.29.21. The final price reduction will be Monday morning. The sales will end Monday at 9pm EST. It will be free shipping over $400. You don't have to buy a shipping module as it is all calculated during checkout. During the sale you can add corals to your order without paying shipping by using the add to order button on checkout. We do appreciate your support and if you want to buy multiple corals you can message us for pack deals and we will offer you coupon codes. If you purchase corals during the sale and it total adds up to $400 we will refund any shipping charges. On Monday 11.29.21 we will Text message everybody who places an order to schedule your shipping date! Please message us with any questions, we will be happy to hear from you!

During this sale we will be offering (3) $250 SBB coral Gift cards and Multiple $50 Gift cards and multiple $25 Gift cards You can enter all Contests by the following: We will give random Gift cards and free coral read below( we will choose winners on Monday 11.29.21 at 12 noon est!)

1) Insert your Favorite Gif into a thread post.. lets have some fun :) (we want to see some awesome gif posts) you can get creative and post multiple Gif to create a story for creativity). we will pick the best gift at the end of the sale..

2 )Find us on instagram, like our page and Share the sales banner from our wall onto your story!!! It Wont count unless our sales banner is shared to your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then post a screen shot of this proving its on your story
Follow us on Instagram

3) Post a picture of a SBB coral in your tank!!!!!

4)Be the last person to comment on this post for the day and Earn $50 Gift card. This will run for the days of Wednesday the 24th through cyber Monday the 29th. We will award these card each day for the winner! good luck! I hope you stay up late!!!!

5) we will randomly give away $25 Gift cards thorough out the day. We will do a few of these each day a min of 2 per day and depending on how crazy this sale gets we will do more per day!. The rules of this are simple. We will post a thread stating free $25 gift card... we will then post a gif for this contest. the 1st person to respond with the same matching gif will win the contest.... stay tuned we will drop one of these soon :)

6) We want this thread to be Crazy active and Interactive. So we will be throwing out random prizes such as free frag posts, free random $25, $50 gift, $1, $5 frags. But in order to win these prizes you have to currently be logged into this thread and posting activity. we will pick a winner for the free gift cards anytime we choose. We will tag you as you win so you know.. we will look in the post at random times during the day and who ever had the last post at at that time will win..

Stay tuned for teaser shots!!! PicsArt_11-29-07.58.44.jpg
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