Black Friday / Cyber Monday week long sale! Up to 90% off!!


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Feb 22, 2009
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This is our Best Sale of the Year!
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Blow out end of the year deals on Hundreds of Corals. We also have a Monstrous Indonesia Coral shipment and more Clams arriving tonight that we will be adding to the site over the next several days.

Also..... Would you like Free Shipping? Feel free to order the Corals you like for now while they are available and under the shipping options choose "add to existing shipment" so that you are not charged for shipping. That way you can reserve the Corals you like before they sell out! Then add on more as we add them to the site to get to the free shipping at only $199.

For Local customers we are receiving all these Corals, Clams etc plus several large fish shipments between tonight and Wednesday. Even though the store is being remodeled and kind of a mess we will still have an amazing Black Friday Sale in Store. Stay tuned on Facebook for details! Facebook Page

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