Bleaching birdsnest



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Mar 3, 2020
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Hi all

I've had this birdsnest for about a year and it grows fast. Ive fragged it many times and it seems bomb proof. However last week I went away and it blew off the rock and on to the sand and a couple of ends were bleached. As soon as I put it back in its normal place (not exactly position, it may have rotated) its not stopped bleaching to the point where its about 20% bleached.

My water parameters haven't changed much except an increase of nitrate of 10ppm and a small change of alk when I did a large water change to tackle my nitrate spike. my best bet to just leave it ? Maybe drop the lights down on acclimation mode for a couple of weeks?

Would breaking off the bleached parts help?


Current parameters
Alk 9.1
Calc 385
Po4 0.04
No3 20ppm
Salinity 1.025


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