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Bounce mushrooms pack, WWC Sunkist Bounce, TSA Mardigras, Mellow yellow, Lava Bounce

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David Calzada

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Nov 23, 2018
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Bounce Mushroom Pack!
1- WWC Sunkist Bounce 1.5"-2"
1- TSA Mardigras Bounce 1.5"
1- Mellow yellow Bounce 1.5"-2"
1- Lava Bounce 1"
1- Superman Rhodactis Free
$275 shipped
Standard 2 hour DOA
Message me for any details or questions
More corals are available to add to the pack with discounts

_DSC4910.JPG _DSC4823.JPG _DSC4863.JPG Screenshot_20220703-111602_Instagram.jpg
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