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Brand new REEFER 170 W White stand

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Dec 21, 2021
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New York City
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Hello fellow reefers,

I got a Reefer 170 as a gift but I already had the G2 so I’m just looking for someone to come pick it up and take it!

Selling also equipment for it that hasn’t been open at all.
I have a
Hydra 32 HD White with Mounting arm
Octo 110sss
Sicce SDC 3.0 controllable pump
MP10 mobius ready
Sicce Ultrazero utility pump
Mini BRS reactor with feed pump
Apex full controller system with all probes
Hanna phosphate and nitrate checkers
Make me some offers on equipment, tank price is non negotiable since it’s brand new and I’m giving you a deal already.

B94419BF-5E2D-4E3C-BFF6-175C954C615D.jpeg image.jpg
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