BREAKING NEWS! We Have Officially Eradicated AEFW's With A 100% Reef Safe IN TANK Treatment.


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Oct 24, 2016
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That's right ladies and gentlemen, Its a HUGE day in the reefing world and I feel as if I cannot contain this info any longer. The pest that has riddled our beloved acropora for years, will soon be a thing of the past. I am happy to announce that we have officially eradicated AEFW's with a in tank treatment that is 100% safe for all of our marine friends. This has been a ongoing project with our science group for the last eleven months and I can happily say that we have eradicated these terrors now numerous times with zero losses to any livestock including the most sensitive corals, inverts, stars, clams, fish, pods, macros, etc.

Treatment is very easy. Dosing one or two times per week ( depending on severity ) for 3 weeks.

On a side note, through the trials and errors of a project like this, we have also come up with the most gentle coral dip ( which is not SPS specific, but knocks every SPS pest off in seconds ). The best part, it is clear and pests instantly fall of the corals so you can see exactly what has come in on your corals. It is 100% human and animal safe, so you do not have to worry about using pesticides anymore in your dips.


For more info on Purge -

For more info on Expel -

To purchase either -

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Apr 8, 2007
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You need to share this info ASAP!!!!!! It's not fair to keep us hanging in suspense. I am getting ready to battle these little terrors in my own collection right now so I want to know what this is!

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