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B’s Nano Reef

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Oct 12, 2021
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These are not your typical 1-3 polyps frags. Pics are current as of yesterday. WYSIWYG. Prices are negotiable, especially if you’re taking multiple pieces. Happy to work out a pack for all 6 and Will throw in a freebie of my choice if so as well as Free Shipping. Lets make a deal.

Generally clean pieces. I try to keep my system free of pests and nuisance algae (never any guarantees though). But you’re not going to get something riddled with bubble algae for example.

First pic taken under heavier blues and the other taken under heavier whites. No editing of the pics other than to add numbers. Zoas show good color under both heavy blues and heavier whites.

1. Pink Diamonds (with a hitchhiking daisy cutter) w/ about 25 polyps SOLD

2. Solar Flares w/ about 10 polyps $50

3. Sunny D w/ about 25 polyps $125

4. WWC Bob Marleys w/ about 30 polyps $150

5. AOIs w/ about 25 polyps $200

6. Miami Vice w/ about 10 polyps SOLD

Shipping available at your expense. Will keep you appraised of every step of the transaction/packing/shipping (including pics). Very responsive. PM with any questions. Have a few other non-zoa corals also available if anyone is interested. Thanks!

F6214F78-D255-473C-8046-7DF80547DACA.jpeg 21B3094E-4565-4392-99A4-AA4FD3BA0EFD.jpeg
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