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Sep 15, 2020
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San Antonio, Texas

I'll be back soon with an update on the evolution of my reef.
But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you the huge bump I had in my reefing adventure.

I currently have in my tank, a yellow tang, a fox face, a melanurus wrasse, 2 clowns, a blue green chromis, a royal gramma, a purple firefish, a cleaner shrimp, a 2 inches clam, and a big and nice clean up crew.

This weekend, there was a major storm in my area, and I had a power outage that lasted from Saturday night 5pm (my Apex warned me of the beginning) until Tuesday 11am. so more than 60 hours without power.
I do have a reefwave 45 that is connected to an icecap battery, but I'm not sure how long it can last. And, since I was at the cottage, I couldn't do anything but hope that it wouldn't last too long. On Sunday, I came back home, added a battery aerator, and crossed my fingers.

according to my Apex, the ph was down to 7.9 and the temp 67.4

Well, do you know what I lost in the adventure .....

Nothing, absolutely nothing, everything is still alive and doing well.
well, I probably lost some snails and a bit of my clean up crew, but otherwise, no fish, and no coral.
What seems to have suffered the most is a goniopora that looks a bit mad, but it will recover.
I was expecting the worst, but NOTHING.
Thanks to my back up battery and my aerator, I am convinced that this is what saved my reef.
If you don't have any of these, run and get them before it's too late.

Now, I'll be back soon with an update of my system and some pictures

Glad all is well. My tanks got down to 67 in a winter storm power outage last year and every thing survived, luckily.
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May 13, 2020
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update june 1st 2022

It took me about 1 years and a half to stabilize the system, it was long mainly because I started with dry rock, with no life on it.
The various strains of bacteria were introduced by the additions of Dr. Tim and microbacter, and probably also on the coral plugs.
I had an episode of cyano that lasted 4-5 months, it disappeared with regular water changes and the addition of microbacter clean and microbacter 7, which I continue to dose a small amount once a week.

On the equipment side, I added a red sea reef led 90 (total 3)
a booster pump for osmosis, a battery back up on the reef wave, a trident. a clairview lid top
a DDR for Alk and CA
a 2nd EB832, a 2nd heater as backup.
an air pump in case of power failure

the lighting is set 1 hour up, 10 hours 100% blue, 75% white 1 hour down for a total of 12h

The first corals I added after a few months are almost all dead, caused mainly beacuse my water was too poor in nutrients. The nitrate and phosphate parameters were all way too low. I managed to stabilize by adding neophos and neonitro. and by adding fish, which I have to feed more and which 'pollute' more. and etc
eventually I will stop adding neophos and neonitro, but for now it is still necessary

I had transferred the corals from my old tank, which are all dead, except for a candy cane that resurrected and grew since then (I was about to throw it away). I also have some green zoas, a policipora and some gsp that I saved.

as of january 2022, i started to seriously add frags.
for now i have:

black cherry blue eyes zooanthis
goniopora blue green tips
neon green polyp montipora
blue eyes blonde ***** zoa
orange mushroom
red riding hood mushroom
King midas zoa
1acan lord
red polyp green montipora
Forest fire digitata
candy apple green zoas
tangerine juice leptoseris
pipe organ
2encrusting goniopora
Fruit punch favia
watermelon favia
pink acan
Aussie hammer
maxima clam (2")
ice fire enchinata
Master mango tenuis
Rainbow loom
and 2 other sps which I don't know the name

And all these grow very well, the colors are beautiful.

My fun is to see them grow, so I prefer frags to full colonies. So I have to add some acans, maybe one or 2 mush and coral plate and then I sit and watch it grow.

I have 2 golden rules that I respect religiously, 1) weekly water changes of +- 5% and, and, even if I was very careful, I started with dry rock to avoid pests, and I dip all the corals, I still saw 3-4 aptaisias appear. my rule for that is to kill them as soon as I see them, even if it's midnight. I don't want to give them another minute, and so far it works, because I've only seen 3-4 that I've killed (using joe juice) and they don't grow back.

On the fish side I have:
2 clowns + anemone
1 melanurus wrasse
1 yellow tang
1 blue hippo tang (note for the tang police, he is very small, actualy less than 2 inch, i plan tu keep him 2-3 years maximum)
1 blue green chromis
1 purple firefish
1 royal gramma
1 foxface
1 cleaner shrimp
clean up crew

i will add some pictures tonight

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