Building custom Triton + H380 sump, best dimensions?

Discussion in 'Bulk Reef Supply' started by jcl123, Nov 13, 2017.

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    I see all sorts of configurations with the Kessil H380 in so far as the height above the water and thus the area it would illuminate. I want to build a sump to ideally suit this light.

    Here is my current design concept:

    - As in my diagram, I currently have an 18" diameter area under the light, but I don't know at what height the H380 will ideally work at, have not seen any info on the angle of the spread.
    - I see these used at anywhere between 7" and 24"
    - I chose 18" diameter chamber because that is about the biggest I can fit under my stand area, but if I could get away with 12" - 15" that would give me more room for other things.
    - If 18" is too small and I need to go larger, I will have to change the design.

    - Not sure about water height, seems somewhere around 12" is good, I am sure more does not hurt anything. I will maximize volume as much as I can.

    Any suggestions from BRS based on their extensive tests of this light would be appreciated.


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    Elite Aquatics is building my custom Triton style method sump. Try them I’m sure they’ll come up with a great design for you.
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    Also @jcl123 once you add all the elements together I think you’ll get a better visual as to what works for your setup.. may I ask more questions on your tank setup?
    Size of tank volume?
    Why the 2 refugiums?
    What are you goals?
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    @jcl123 I'm going to see if I can get some of the numbers on PAR distribution for you. What I will say is that my observations have been that the massive power from the H380 tends to cause photosaturation/photoinhibition when they are mounted much closer than about 10" or so, but really only for the topmost later of algae. If you have the light mounted 10-12" off the water, you'll likely be fine, and get plenty of PAR/PUR, but the spread of the optics will likely give you greater than 18" of coverage. Do you plan to have smoked/blacked out panels for the fuge areas? If not, you'll likely see a lot of algae growth spilling into other compartments.

    I'm going to speak with some of the other guys here who've looked at the numbers we collected and get you a little more detailed answer in the next day or so.
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