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Cali Kid Official Aug 8th Live Sale Thread!!!


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Mar 7, 2016
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Thank you for joining us! This is the official Cali Kid Corals/ R2R August 8th Live Sale Thread! Here you will find all info pertaining to the live sale (rules, shipping info, teaser pics...etc)

Sale will begin at 9:00 AM PT. There will be some NEW RELEASES, One-of-a-Kind pieces, Prizes, Giveaways, $5, $10, free frags... and an overall GOOD TIME! ;Happy

Live Sale Flyer 8.8.20.jpg

Important Stuff ;Pompus

SHIPPING: Shipping modules are available for pre-purchase the week prior to the live sale at a discounted rate. Shipping will be regular price of $29.99 day of live sale.

Shipping module pre-purchase is not necessary but highly recommended. If a shipping module is not purchased, we will select the next available shipping date for you.

All shipping is FedEx Priority Overnight. Shipping will be available Monday-Thursday.

Our normal shipping DOA policy applies.
Local-pick is available for So-Cal Residents. Select Local pick-up at check out.

RULES: All corals are WYSIWYG. A picture of the coral will be posted along with a link that will take you directly to our website for purchase. You must complete the checkout process to secure the piece. Once purchase is confirmed, item will no longer be available and will be listed as "SOLD OUT.

All sales are FINAL. No gift cards, certificates, or credits can be used on this live sale.

We will have a lot of great prizes including free shipping, $50 gift cards, and a lucky person is going to win a mystery coral! The winners will be decided with games by Codybot! We will be limiting the prizes to one per person. Also, the prizes will be for future purchases from Cali Kid Corals, not this live sale.

In addition to the games during the live sale, there will be two overall competitions:

The person that buys the most corals wins a $100 GIFT CARD FROM CALI KID CORALS

The person who spends the most wins a $100 GIFT CARD FROM CALI KID CORALS

TIPS: We recommend you register an account on our website www.calikidcorals.com
for a quicker check out process during the Live Sale.

Keep checking this thread for updates, teasers, etc...

We are looking forward to an awesome Live Sale!

- Cali Kid Team
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Apr 14, 2020
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Oct 5, 2019
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Why is it everytime a sale happens something else just pops up that would other wise not be available....oh thats right because they are everyweekend HAHAHAH

I'll definitely be stopping in to see what all of you get!!

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