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Calling high end blasto and LPS collectors, $300 free shipping

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Feb 27, 2017
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Standard 2hr doa. Shipping out on Tuesday for wed delivery. Prices are in the pics, please circle what you liking and send pm of the pic. Will consider trades for high end shrooms. These are all aquaculture’s in my tank. Thank you :)
Tittie twister
Wwc rainbow
Bleeding applie
Taste the rainbow chalices
2 different bowerbankis

F6D0B170-F9CD-409D-B467-C12B6AFEF716.jpeg EC450B91-E48B-48A6-BC39-E4D97C37B23F.jpeg 8133A88D-CE57-434B-B7B5-5D6ACB7C87D6.jpeg 696ECEE3-4018-47EF-9264-98150DCEE4FB.jpeg DAA2B57E-C47E-4413-B307-96E01F8C3926.jpeg 15FAC616-6281-49CB-A6BA-41C5F07ECAB6.jpeg FC102828-36F5-4BD0-8019-31D9C42325E7.jpeg B175682C-3569-421E-9D88-463885E35A42.jpeg
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nano reef

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Dec 9, 2019
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Hi I have frankenstein and the brightest fire shrooms ever! aka magic carpet but much brighter. I cant make out which blasto is which. Also dont know how to circle. LOL. To be honest I am looking to recap some of my losses on 8 k worth of highend zoas and shrrom and a few high end LPS. I want fast growers! I have the standard red rimed with neon center blastos and they grow slow as hell. Are these about the same growth rate?

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