Can I mix different Cardinalfish species?

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Jan 25, 2021
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Long Island, NY
I currently have two Seale's Cardinals (Ostorhinchus sealei) and two Long-spine Cardinals (Zoramia leptacantha) in my 90 gallon tank. They get along wonderfully and swim together all day. I was wondering if I got lucky or if I could add a couple more since I've read in some places that I think Banggais can be a little territorial. I was thinking about a couple Ochre-striped Cardinals (Apogon compressus) if I'm able to add more. I don't have any prior experience with cardinals so I figured I should ask on here for everyone else experiences with them. Thanks!

Full stocklist:
2 Seales cardinals
2 Longspine Cardinals
Citrinus clown goby
Black clown goby
Sharknose goby
Skunk cleaner shrimp
~7 porcelain crabs
Nassarius snails
Trochus snails
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