Carbon and Nitrate Dosing with the Same Brew?


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Apr 20, 2019
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Hi gang.

A little background:

My system has always trended toward being nitrate limited with high phosphates. If I just leave things alone, eventually my nitrate will become essentially undetectable and my phosphates will rise.

For the past several months, I've been running a refugium with Chaeto, and with regular nitrate additions, I have been able to keep phosphates from creeping but.

I recently took the fuge offline as I was losing corals, and suspected that uptake of certain elements by the refugium. The only one I'm aware of for sure is potassium, but the potassium consumption was alarming, and that was the only thing besides the big 5 parameters that I was testing for, so who knows what else that hungry macro was stripping from the water column.

Anyway... I've had success in the past with dosing nopox along with a sodium nitrate solution to bring my phosphates down. If I don't dose nitrates, they zero out in a hurry.

So my question is, has anyone ever dissolved some sodium nitrate into vinegar/vodka/NoPox before? It's an intriguing idea to me, because space is limited for bottles of hooch to dose into my tank, and I'd rather buy one more Kamoer X1 than 2.

If I were to try this, is there any ratio to shoot for, or would it just be trial and error?
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