Chaeto 2 cups free priority mail shipping $25 4 cups $40 shipped!

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Sep 3, 2010
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Awesome seller, buy with confidence.
Chaeto is abundant and clean. Received in 2 days all the way on the east coast and packed well. Looks 10x better then the stuff I use to buy from KP Aquatics.


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Jan 15, 2022
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I have been using chaeto since around 2013. I won the acro growout contest here in 2014 along with have a tank spotlight the next year and those are photos from that system. I would not have been able to win the contest or support that system without chaeto. I included those photos in the description so you can see what my macro growout system is supporting with nutrient control and micro fauna. I decided to see if there was interest here before tossing in yard as I have given it away locally for years.

I am selling 2 cups of chaeto from my Rubbermaid sump system, each order will be measured with the cup in the photo and packed down before being put in ziplock and shipped priority mail in order to get you the chaeto quickly.

This is tuff stuff, but please use common sense and don’t let it sit in a mailbox all day. Give it a rinse with fresh water before adding and if there are any issues at all I will refund or replace. Just send me a picture in 2hr after delivery. Expect the chaeto to look a little flat, it will rehydrate in the system very quickly.

This grows crazy fast in my system so I have plenty to sell if you want more.

$25 shipped. PayPal please!

I'd like to 2 cups how do I go about this PayPal, cash app?
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