Chaeto Trimming and Nitrates

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Randy Holmes-Farley

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Sep 5, 2014
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Arlington, Massachusetts, United States
Old thread I know, but I'm having a problem keeping nitrates with my Chaeto. Trimmed or left to fill the chamber doesn't seem to make much difference, it always bottoms out my N03.

I've got the photoperiod down to 6hrs which I believe I read somewhere is the minimum. Should I adjust the photoperiod lower to get nitrates to raise?

Feed more, reduce photoperiod more, reduce intensity with a screen or lower wattage bulb, or dose nitrate. :)

How do you take care of your tank after the storm? As the electricity and WiFi come back on, how do you get your tank back to normalcy?

  • Water change

    Votes: 51 42.1%
  • Check all equipment and service as needed

    Votes: 90 74.4%
  • Check parameters and make adjustments

    Votes: 66 54.5%
  • Feed fish and corals

    Votes: 39 32.2%
  • Other (please explain in discussion thread)

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