Chemestry in my Salt mixing station

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Dec 4, 2020
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I built my Mixing station in my garage next to RO/DI unit, consisting of 2- 55 gal,(Salt and Ro water) barrels. A work still in process. I have one central pump that pumps water from each barrel as needed via 1/2" pvc pipe up into my attic, across the rafters , inside the wall of my AC closet and feeds 2 separate Acrylic containers behind my sump, one saltwater for Auto water change and the other for ATO. I couldn't pipe directly to sump with float valve as here in S. Florida the temp. in garage reaches 90+ deg. So I fill the 5 gal. ATO reservoir and the 10 gal.saltwater reservoir where it can reach room temp. around 75 deg. My question is 2 part; Knowing that heated salt water losses oxygen I was told I should install an air stone to help with the oxygen drop. Should the stone be in 55 gal. salt barrel or in holding reservoir? Second question: What other issues can I expect, if any, in storing salt/fresh water in containers with various temp?



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Apr 1, 2020
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Salinity varies depending on temperature. Your new water has to be the same temperature as your DT and sump before verifying the salinity is the same.
If you're aerating the water i would aerate the salt mix. You could just use a recirculating pump and get the same effect.

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