Cherry Corals presents **CORAL MADNESS in March!** Sunday, March 21!


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Feb 18, 2007
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SE Michigan

By all means PM us if you need us, we are also available by email at [email protected] and via text/phone. We would love to help in any way possible.
**Orders not picked up or shipped within 2 weeks will be refunded unless specific arrangements have been made**
**Our modules are for the day shipments go OUT, NOT the day that they will arrive.
**We do not label the bags, we don’t have the staff to label bags during a huge ship out of 1000’s of corals, very sorry.

#1 Shipping modules are $39.99 and are available when you buy your first item, after the first shipping charge you won’t be charged again. Buy the module for the day you wish to have your order shipped!!! There are a limited number of ship outs for each day. We will search the site using your full name entered on the shipping module order to combine all orders for a single ship out. If you don't purchase a module we won't know when you want to ship. UPS overnight is the service used to transport your purchases. Use the same name and email address for ALL of your orders or we will inadvertently not ship them. We are experimenting with a new order picking functionality so everyone will be forced to log in before being able to purchase. There will be no guest checkout.

#2 If there is a UPS delay for whatever reason we will not refund shipping charges. If a loss is incurred and we replace a shipment, the purchaser must pay for shipping again, no exceptions.

#3 We will not combine orders from different people, please do not ask. Payments must all share the same email address or we will assume that these are two different orders from two different people. Simply placing the order under the same name but using a different funding source will force us to treat them as two different orders and two shipping modules will apply. If there are different names associated with each order when I check for accuracy they will all be treated as separate orders. NO TEAM BUYING!

#4 All sales are FINAL, no refunds, no exceptions. Do not ask us to exchange one item for another after you have purchased it. Don’t ask us to cancel an order after the sale is over, you made a purchase and in doing so stopped someone else from buying said item so please follow through.

#5 We are limiting sales of items that are less than $10 to 4

#6 Prices on the website are the only 100% correct prices, we try very hard to make the posts match the website but we are only human and errors can occur.

#7 Please try and be fair, snipers need to exercise restraint.

#8 If an item sells more than once we will only honor the first person to purchase said item, the others will be refunded. DOA’s will not be replaced, gift certificates will be issued for the coral that was lost. We will only do a refund if an item sells more than once, otherwise all credits will be in the form of a gift certificate.

#9 There is no prize for checking in each hour.

#10 Send us an email today 3-21 with your pick for the winning team, any entries after today will be ignored.

#11 Reef trivia or caption this contests will be done randomly during the sale. These are a lot of fun and please keep entries clean and family friendly. Prizes will be GC’s, T shirts, or dry goods prize packs. Prizes will be shipped after the live goods have all gone out. Gift Certificates will be for $25 or $50 and must be used within 60 days or they will expire, use it or lose it, no exceptions. Don’t be upset if the 60 days has passed and you find your GC to be unusable.

#12 We are going to give $50 Gift certs at every 1000th post too so stay tuned and be active! (It starts with the post number of our first picture set). Same Gift Cert rules apply, use in 60 days, use it or lose it.

#13 Gift Certificates will be emailed out after all of the orders have shipped. Todd is lazy but promises to do it as soon as he can.

#14 ***If you don’t buy a shipping module we won’t know what day you would like to ship, we use the shipping modules to search the site and get organized. We do not create a “shipping” thread.

*these rules may be modified right up to the start of the sale but not after*



Help us get the word out about this sale, and you will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to use DURING the sale! The winner will be announced right before the sale starts at 3 pm EST on March 21st. All entries must be received by 2pm EST on March 21st! To enter, simply complete the following steps and email us at
[email protected] when you are done:

  1. Like our Facebook page:
  2. Click "going" or "interested" and share the Coral Madness March Live Sale event page:
  3. Sign up for our newsletter email:
  4. Make a post in this thread (you are here now!).
  5. Email us at [email protected] with your full name when you are done!
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Nov 29, 2006
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Check out my field of ORA red goniopora, I am offering 8 or more during the sale. Full discolor, I am not taking 8 individual photos :) I am re using the same photo 8 times since they are all from this field and all the same size.

So bright and so hardy!



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Jan 16, 2012
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Love the name @Pkunk35 old-school Accolade/Starcontrol reference?

Yes! Star Control!
Wow almost no one gets that one, we both win the super nerd award today! Haha!
Seriously tho, love that game.

Im hoping a 21 tails Or some other CC magic might be up this weekend and will be tuning in!

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