Cincy-Reef Hobbyist Frag Swap 8/1/2020

Jordan T Shouse

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Jun 19, 2019
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Cincinnati, OH
Don't forget!!!!!! August 1, 2020 Cincy-Reef will be having a hobbyist Frag swap in conjunction with our monthly meeting. Everyone is welcome!

It’s been a long year of canceled swaps and events, but this gives us the chance to grow the hobby locally and truly embody the club’s motto, “Knowledge, Propagation, Interaction”!!

You can find more information and RSVP here;

We currently have one hobbyist spot open; these are the current hobbyist with a table.

- Docsky - Mark VanHook

- Carlluongo2 -Carl Luongo

- Brandon Evans

- Gonzo Corals

- Rick


Please be sure to inform yourself on all health department recommendations to keep yourself and fellow members safe.

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