Citrus Explosion & Wonderland Rainbow Goni Frags

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May 22, 2018
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Have some super nice rainbow Goni frags looking for new homes. All frags are mounted on 1” square plugs for size reference. Pictures are all numbered and numbered price list is below. The citrus explosion rainbow Goni is one of the brightest & most colorful rainbow Goni I’ve ever owned. Has an insane mix of yellow, lime green, orange, red & pink all mixed together. Both types are long polyp, pictures were taking early in the day before they were open fully. Shipping is $45 or free at $350 unless located in Ohio, Wisconsin or Indiana then it’s $30 & still free at $350. Package deals are encouraged and welcome with these and any of the torches from my other posts. Text 734-725-98fiveO if you’re interested.

1. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
2. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
3. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
4. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
5. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
6. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
7. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
8. Citrus Explosion - SOLD
9. Wonderland - SOLD
10. Wonderland - SOLD

34DE7744-D329-479F-BD4B-20FC1E6FD509.jpeg 60D44229-E3FE-4622-9EC0-ECC100AB981F.jpeg 405F531B-C21A-4F98-BDD6-D199C400ABDC.jpeg 9EE40659-DBC9-4807-B995-99DEF966ED37.jpeg 6FFF1285-5A7B-4AE1-96FD-E5B9EF86644D.jpeg 721F7B09-D4F0-431D-9AF2-3922A3A9F1D4.jpeg
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