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Jun 27, 2021
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Has anyone ever heard of a Clownfish pairing with something that isn’t a Clownfish at all?

Backstory: I had 2 paired clownfish and at some point I bought a single Green Chromis. During the day the pair of clowns and the Chromis would do their own thing, but at night the 3 would rest side by side.

Last week the male clown died and the female was being very lethargic just mostly staying in one spot on the rock acting depressed so I figured I’d go get another clown for her to hang out with. I got a much smaller Ocelaris morph clown and the older female is a standard Ocelaris Clown.

This perked the lady up but for all the wrong reasons, she has a MASSIVE hate on for the new little one, to the point I have to put the little guy in a screened off nursery area. I thought fine, she’s not ready to get into a new relationship yet but now she’s swimming about happily with the Chromis as if it were a Clown she’d paired with.

Has anyone heard of this happening or am I grossly misinterpreting the whole situation?

It’s more than just an explain this oddity type question, I’m wondering whether I should go and get another one to pair with the little one as it’s probably sick of only meeting Clownfish that want it dead, but am worried the two of them will eventually want to take out the widow Clown.

Any insight would be appreciated!

20 Gallon
0.025 salinity
No detectable nitrates or other harmful things

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