Cobalt C-ray 200 Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Reef LED Lights' started by iureef6, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    Really interested hearing about the communities experience with this light. I know it is a very new light but want to see if anyone knows about the par distribution or color.

    Also does this light have any shimmer or still the disco ball effect?

    Hope we can have a good discussion about this light and other LEDs alike

  2. iureef6

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    Anyone with a review on this
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    This is the Sponsor Forum for ReefLEDLights.COM

    I have not seen this light in person but here is my quick opinion/synopsis based on their website description.

    • 200W Variable Power Consumption with Waterproof Transformer
    UL/CE Listed?
    • Up to 500 PAR at 12"
    Pathetic Intensity!!! Not enough for SPS Clams or Carpet Anemones with a tank 24" or deeper. Snajay recommends a minimum of 100 PAR at the sand bed, we like 200-250 PAR.
    • Dual High-Density CREE LED Pucks
    What type of Cree LEDs... Bins????
    • 120° Quartz Wide-Angle Optics Provide up to 48" Spread
    We decided to go with a tighter optic to reduce spill and maximize efficiency. 48" spread on a 24"-30" wide tank = wasted light.
    • Unique Fill Light LED Strip for True-to-Nature Color Blending
    Fill LED Strip?
    • Dual Halo Moonlights for Wide, Even Moonlighting Effects
    Is the moonlight natural with a seasonal and nightly variation in intensity?
    • Full Featured 6 Channel Lighting Control with Ramp, Storm, Cloud, and Lunar Effects
    Good but our Sirius XTC has also a storm effect which we do not recommend using, as it can freak out some fish...
    • App & WiFi Controllable and Programmable with Nothing Extra to Buy
    • Shareable Custom Lighting Programs
    • Hanging Kit and Mounting Arm Options for Rimless or Rimmed Tanks*
    Excellent, we like the looks but at the cost of poor intensity...
    • Oversized Copper Heat Sinks for Maximum Heat Dissipation
    Not hard to cool a light that only provides 500 PAR at 12"
    • Dual Whisper Quiet Temperature Controlled Cooling Fans
    • Touch Sensitive Buttons for Quick, App Free Adjustments
    • 1 Year Warranty
    Only 1 Year :( !!!
    • Unlimited Cobalt Tank Tech Support Online or Over the Phone

    Hope this helps and please if you plan on purchasing a LED Fixture please check out our Sirius XTC. The Sirius XTC is 2600 PAR at 12" while consuming less than 160 watts. Our Powersupply is rated at 220 watts and is UL/CE Listed. All Major Components are UL/CE Listed and the fixture meets EU Class II Safety Standards as its only 24VDC. We also Manufacture these in the USA to ensure quality. Many LED Fixtures are manufactured in China and certainly cannot offer the best Cree LED Bins or even ensure the LEDs are not knockoffs or counterfeits of the highly efficient Cree X series...

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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