For sale Colorado Sunburst Anemone-sale price

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Ive 5 Colorado Sunburst nems all ~2.5" at the mouth/diameter (minus tentacles) I've 2 for sale all in the same size range Standard 2 hour arrive alive guarantee ( pic of DOA while still in the sealed bag). In the unlikely event of DOA I will replace the nem with another CSB- buyer would pay replacement shipping costs


This picture is of 2 of the nems, and these are able to be shipped as early as 11/29/21

Any questions please message me, I can ship Mon -Thurs Priority overnight and I dont ship with a signature being required, Ive shipped easily 100s of corals/boxes and never had an issuer with this. The issue usually happens when a sig is required and the driver doesn't wait for someone to answer the door and leaves with the package. They may not even gets sigs now with Covid so it may be a moot point.
I'm not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, so if that is a concern please buy somewhere else

Thanks for looking

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